Hey! Meet me, I’m Siki Msuseni, the girl who is obsessed with vintage just as much as having a timeless wrist watch.

They are still trying to find the filter between my mind and my mouth, it’s going to take them a long while to find it, but whilst they are still trying to find that filter I will continue putting my thoughts into writing on this platform. Sharing my ideas and opinions.Unfabricated. Unfiltered.

This here is my lovely virtual studio, a place where I celebrate anything that has pigment. My love for colour is of great concern, so much that I even named my company, Pigments Studio. I identify things by colour, “It’s not just any jacket, it’s a salmon-pink jacket.” To the colour scholars, that would be “Coral” to you.

So if it’s fashion, beauty, products or people, this place right here celebrates it all. A studio where you can come for updates on anything, to be informed, or just browse and even criticize. We’re not sensitive to criticism.

But please do not mistake this for just another pretty-pictures blog. This is a studio, a safe environment, a thought-processing tank, a creative virtual studio, an ever turning wheel but most importantly a place that celebrates everything with colour.

Siki Msuseni

( siki@pigmentsbysiki.com )