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August 16, 2016

Who Killed Biko 3

Finally they have arrived!!! The, “Who Killed Biko?” Tote bags.

An idea conceived way back in January but I just did not have enough funds to execute it. Let me save you the long winded struggle story about how far I have come to get here. I am so excited that I finally made these bags and for you to get yourself one, even though they are limited edition.

This is a collaborative piece of work between CrowdedWolf and Pigments Studio. The man behind CrowdedWolf is Xolani Dani, a good friend who decided to leave me for Joburg to search for gold which I believe he has found. I have seen a lot of Xolani’s illustration work and when I had this idea of creating these tote bags he was the only person I knew would execute the brief so well because his work had the aesthetic to suit my creative idea. It also happens that he has no ego and ulterior motives when it comes to collaborations.

This is a series of work of struggle heros who were killed fighting for equality. A lot has triggered the idea to create these tote bags, we have heard the racial slurs, the killing of black people ( #Blacklivesmatter), “It happened in the past, get over it”, Reading of Xolela Mangcu’s book titled “BIKO”, the reading of “I Write What I Like”, The painful way that Biko died, The omission of South African history in my time at school, the list goes on…

As I was doing my thorough research before making these bags I realised that there has been a lot of missing information regarding the killing of Steve Biko. When I made some samples to test out how will they be received, I had a friend saying to me that I should not put this out because we all know who killed Biko but in that very same day I received a lot different answers as to who killed Biko? I don’t want to go deep into the killing of Steve Biko but I want to state something, it has been reported that he was found dead on the 12th of September but I believe that he was already dead in police custody on the 11th of September. Lest we forget!!!

But the one answer that I want you to give me, because Google couldn’t even help me on this one, is: WHO KILLED BIKO? I am not asking you who brutally beat him to death on the 11th of September 1977 or who pulled the trigger, I am asking you, “WHO ORCHESTRATED THE KILLING OF STEVE BIKO?”

I can not write any further…

Who Killed Biko


The “Who Killed Biko?” tote bag is retailing for R200 each (inclusive of free delivery in SA)

Email me (Siki Msuseni) at to organise payment and delivery.

Or you can call (or whatsapp) me on +27 78 169 6161

Who Killed Biko 4

Who Killed Biko 7All images captured by Abongwe Qokela

Model: Mandisa Ngqulana

*My friends are magic.

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