June 24, 2016

Garnier Pure Active 1

If you squint your eyes and zoom into my pictures you will realise that I have acne. I go on endless debates with friends about the severity of my acne, some will say it’s mild while I disagree and tell you that I think my acne is next level, it’s really bad.

So honestly how bad is my acne? It’s mild but because I want baby-bum-smooth skin, I consider my acne really bad. I have decided to take some medication for it. I have seen no results as of yet, I have only been on the medication, Minerva-35, for  two months now, I will give it another three months and if I see no difference I will ditch the pill. I’m still researching some natural remedies of minimising the appearance of my acne, I’ve tried the antibiotics (Accutane) route prescribed by a dermz but I would not do that again coz of the many side effects I’ve read about. Not to say Minerva-35 has no side effects.

In taking medication for my acne I have made it a point to always keep my skin clear from all impurities and this means that I have to wash my face twice a day, this is not an easy task if you’re lazy like me and especially in winter. I have made sure that I keep my pillows clean too, I try not to touch my face or pick on my skin, I drink water (I’ve been slacking here), watch what I eat and also removing my make-up before I go to bed.

Using Garnier Pure Active range and creating my own three-step routine with their products has helped me on days when I want to wash my face or remove my make-up.



The Pure Active 3 in 1 face-wash / scrub/ mask strips off all dirt from your face leaving your face dry, which is very important to follow up with a toner and a moisturiser, in my case I use the Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water as a toner and the Pure Active matte control moisturiser.

Garnier Pure Active 2


The Pure Active micellar cleansing water is ideal to remove make-up but I use it mostly as a cleanser after washing my face. I love how the micellar cleanser is not harsh on the skin. A few drops on a round cotton pad removes quite a lot of dirt. It says on the bottle “no rinsing” but I disagree, I recommend that you should not only use it for removing make-up you must follow up with washing your face after wiping off your foundation with the micellar cleansing water.

Garnier Pure Active 3


As I struggle with oily skin, I now vow by this Pure Active Matte Control moisturiser. It is an anti-shine and anti-blemish gel. What I love the most about it is that it is a gel instead of the usual moisturiser and it smells so delicious. I just wish it came in a bigger tube. I am obsessed with this moisturiser. I use it as a primer before applying some make-up on my skin. It’s just perfect for my oily skin.

Garnier Pure Active 4Please note: I do not use these products to treat my acne but rather to keep my skin clear from impurities. Wiping off that dirt on the surface so that it does not clog my pores creating a pimple. Oh no! not another breakout.


I would like to know from you, what do you use to wash your face? Do you have a specific daily routine? Comment below.

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