June 1, 2016


A warm welcome to you! Thank you for stopping by here at Pigments Studio. Finally we have gone live. I have worked with amazing individuals to bring this project to life and the support I have received along the way, supporting me in all aspects of my business. I am indebted of all the people who work behind the scenes in my life, wanting what’s best for me.

There’s everything scary about running your own business but the fruits of your hard work are worth the risk of going solo. Luckily for me, I have not been solo on this journey I have worked with talented individuals who understand my emails in the wee hours of the morning when my brain is at its most peak performance. I would send an email at 4am and expect an immediate reply, and I realised that people do not all work according to my nocturnal clock.


I do not know how many emails I have sent to my web developer (Peter Phillip) asking him to tweak a lot of things about this site, this guy experienced the most out of me, we would be at a party and he would be explaining to me how to use the WordPress dashboard (a mini meeting), BTW, I am happy I made the move from Blogger to WordPress. Best decision ever. My two graphic designers (Anita Dama and Chloe Igo) all those design briefs I sent with impossible deadline dates, but you made it possible. The amazing photographers, Fundiswa Ntoyi and Lerato Maleswena, I feel that these two know the two-year plan of Pigments Studio, as I told them everything, poor girls had to sit in meetings listening to my rants and excitement.


But most importantly the shift from All Things Intriguing to Pigments Studio was made for you, the loyal reader of this blog. The one who calls me out when I have not posted in a while, the one who comes here for inspiration. In all that I do, I have put you first, and I will continue to do so. It’s official now, we are no longer ATI but Pigments Studio. I look forward to the exciting journey. Welcome!

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