February 20, 2016
Doing what you love has got to be one of the best feelings one experiences, but not to say that the challenges are not there, you tend to look past them.
When I sent out my first Thrift-pop up invite I thought only a handful of friends would come through but with the power of social media I had cool ladies coming to my Pop-up store, people who screen-grabbed the event invite and circulated it among their Whatsapp groups and Facebook messages. As much as I can not measure the level of circulation but I’m so humbled of the clients that came and shopped at my very first Thrift Pop-up store on the last Sunday of January at Beijing Opera. I see you!
We do it again this coming Sunday! Standard procedure, if you missed out on the first market here’s an opportunity to erase that FOMO you may have had.
Come and find the best vintage gems . As always, we keep it mellow with good vibes. It’s a no-bad-vibes zone. A place of love and laughter, if that’s your kind of thing on a sunny Sunday afternoon , then come through.


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